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In 1905, Conner Plumbing Company was established by Charles Conner, my grandfather, and Mike Conner, my great uncle. Together, they ran our family plumbing business. They touted jobs such as the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis and War Vessels in Duluth. Unfortunately, the Great Depression hit them hard; As a result, Charley continued to work alone after the Great Depression.

Years later, Charley's son, Jack, my father, joined the business. At age 11, I began working in the family business. I worked with my father until I received my Master Plumbing License. In 1996, still working in the same building as my father, I started National Water Heaters, Inc., a small specialized plumbing company dealing with one aspect of the trade: water heaters. As the years went on, my National Water Heater customers would request other plumbing services which at the time I could not provide.

In 2005, I started Mark's Plumbing Service and Repair and I now offer a full-service plumbing company, which provides all the services my past and current customers have requested.

Mark Conner, President