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We Repair and Replace Water Heaters.

We offer same or next day service in most cases. Top quality heaters like Bradford White, Rheem, American Water Heaters and A.O. Smith. Six, Ten and Twelve year warranties. Be sure to select the "Water Heaters" tab to see more.

Mention this web site and get an additional $50.00 dollars off your new water heater.
We Repair and Replace Water Softeners.

Water softeners make a huge difference when used in your home. They are a tremendous help when it comes to cleaning cloths. They help extend the life of your water heater, faucets and fixtures. They not only extend the life of your dishwasher but help to eliminate hard water spots on your dishes. There are many great reasons to invest in a softener so please give me a call to discuss them.
We Install and Repair Gas Piping.

Mark's Plumbing Service is licensed and product certified to handle gas line connections. We install gas lines to Gas Ranges, Gas Dryers, BBQ's and Water Heaters. We also do gas detection and leak repair.

Please Note: Gas piping requires knowledgeable and licensed professional to properly install the above mentioned items. It is always are recommendation to use only professionals!
We Repair and Replace Sump Pumps.

It is a good idea each spring to inspect your sump pump. BE SURE IT'S PLUGGED IN! All too often we get to a home only to find that the electrical cord was unplugged over the winter. So be sure to check that first. Call us second.

Backup Sump Systems
Backup sump systems have become more popular as finished basements have become elaborate extensions of a home's living space. People are spending as much if not more money on their underground space than ever before. Protecting that space with a backup system can be a personal property life saver. Be sure and call us to discuss your Backup Sump needs.
We Repair and Replace all types of Faucets.

We offer same or next day service in most cases. Be sure to call us for all your faucet repairs or replacements. We service Bath tub faucets, Shower faucets, Vanity or Lav faucets, Kitchen sinks, Laundry tub faucets and many more...
We Install New Kitchen Sinks and All the Accompaniments.

Today's Kitchen Sinks don't always resemble what Mom's Kitchen Sink once did. Today, Kitchen Sinks are as elaborate or as simple as your imagination. There is an array of choices when it comes to design. Today's Kitchen Sinks may have Two Faucets, Two Soap Dispensers (automatic at times,) Reverse Osmosis/RO purified water dispensed both hot and cold, Instant Hot Water Dispenser, (purified when RO is present) One HP Stainless Steel Garbage Disposals that are whisper quite. Also available are huge Stainless Steel Sinks with 12" depths.
We Repair and Replace Water, Drain Line and Gas Leaks.

We offer same or next day service in most cases. Please call us if you're experiencing water, gas line or drain line leaks of any sort in any type of plumbing system. We repair all types of plumbing. If you're not sure just call us and discuss your situation. If we can't help you we will direct you to someone who can.
We Install Reverse Osmosis Purified Water Systems.

Today more than ever, Reverse Osmosis often referred to as RO is being installed as part of a new homes construction package. The integrity of municipal water systems are being questioned more often than before. It has become common for residential owners to have water delivered to their home, bottled water or some sort of safe water filtering system installed to avoid the fear of contaminated water. I prefer Reverse Osmosis as this system is the safest system known for home consumption. Please call to discuss your homes safe drinking water system.
We Repair and Replace Garbage Disposals. We offer same or next day service in most cases.

A Garbage Disposal is a Garbage Disposal is a Garbage Disposal... But it's not!

Okay, in some cases it still is, but in the others... Residential Garbage Disposals can be as powerful as One HP, Stainless Steel internals (once exclusive to commercial units) Whisper Quite (you can't even get that in a commercial unit) and up to Seven years of in home warranty. ...and yes you still can get your garbage disposal with all the features of the past.

To discuss your options please give me a call.
We offer same or next day service in most cases.

If you're experiencing frozen pipes in a hard to get to area of your home, we have the solution. This machine will thaw frozen pipes within the confines of a home.

Please give me a call if you're experiencing this type of problem.
Mark's Plumbing Service & Repair offers a full line of kitchen and bath remodeling.

If you would like to discuss this further please give me a call. I will meet with you to discuss your vision of a new kitchen or bath remodel. I will help you see that vision come to life. Planning and logistics are a huge part of the final result. Be sure to call us before you final your plans. Mark's Plumbing Service offers full service plumbing and construction. We have on staff a carpenter, sheet rocker and taper. We are a licensed contractor.
Mark's Plumbing Service & Repair offers a full line of Basement bathrooms and room additions.

Basement bathrooms and room additions are very popular as people are choosing to make their basements as much of a living space as the floors above. Mark's Plumbing Service offers full service plumbing and construction. We have on staff a carpenter, sheet rocker and taper. We are a licensed contractor.
Mark's Plumbing Service & Repair is a full service residential contractor offering services from home repair to home construction.
Mark's Plumbing Service & Repair is a full service commercial contractor offering services from repair to new construction.
Flat rate billing has become the next generation of customer service in the trade business.

As I grew up in the plumbing business, hourly billing was the common way to charge a customer. As I observed my father and his customers I found that whenever he set a price for a customer compared to an hourly rate, his customers felt more at ease. They knew that no matter how long the job would take they had a guaranteed price. As I began my plumbing career in the water heater business, I to noticed that my own customers always appreciated a firm quote rather than the normal hourly. So I decided to embrace what was always obvious to me. Customers feel better knowing the price of service before we start the job.

We understand that you have many companies to choose from. We'll make sure that choosing ours was the right one. Promise.

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