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Mark's Plumbing Service and Repair Recommends Bradford White Water Heaters

We at Mark's Plumbing Service and Repair believe that Bradford White water heaters are the finest built water heaters in America. My family has been installing Bradford White water heaters for over 20 years. It has always proven to be the most reliable water heater we have ever used.

Standard features include items like Hydrojet Total Performance System, Brass Drain Valve, Magnesium Anode Rod and Heat Traps to name a few. Other water heater companies make you pay more money for these features. Bradford White includes these features on both the 6 and 10 year warranty water heaters.

Same Day Installation
Mark's Plumbing Service & Repair offers the same day installation in most cases. We do everything possible to get that service to you as we understand that being without hot water is a huge inconvenience. Our installations include your new water heater, the installation of the new water heater and the proper recycling of the old water heater.

Minnesota state plumbing code requires that each time we install a new water heater that we install it to the current state plumbing codes. If your existing water heater is not in code we will explain the problem and the solutions. Additional charges may apply in these circumstances. We always get your authorization prior to our installation.

Water Heater FYI

  • The average life of a water heater is 12-15 years.
  • Water heaters should have 2 gallons removed from the base of the heater each month to help eliminate sediment.
  • Relief valve failure is normally the cause of excessive temperatures or thermal expansion. Be sure to call us to discuss the best remedy for this problem.
  • Many of our water heater service calls are customers complaining that they do not have any hot water. Often this is the simplest fix. Normally it is caused from pilot outage. High winds often cause this problem. Just relight the pilot and that should do it most of the time. If you cannot light the pilot, you likely have a mechanical problem and need to call us for service.

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We understand that you have many companies to choose from. We'll make sure that choosing ours was the right one. Promise.

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